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Terminal Emulation / Telnet for Windows

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The Past

DCSi began its existence in 1984 with the goal of developing a new and better terminal emulator for the IBM PC and DOS. In those early days, PCs and operating systems were much more rudimentary than today’s highly integrated, networked PCs. As you can guess, over twenty years of evolution has changed DCSi’s terminal emulation products dramatically.

As times change, so do we. DCSi has expanded its role and is providing more solutions for small, medium and large businesses. Solutions that are both sold and supported by us.

Our Mission

To offer the enterprise community heterogeneous solutions to meet today’s challenges. Presently DCSi offers solutions in Connectivity, Network Monitoring and Data Storage Management. Please review our product offerings for the latest information. Contact us at any time with your questions and comments.


We are committed to supporting our customers. If you are presently dealing with large companies with offshore support or impersonal support organizations, be ready for a change. We take support seriously. No digital answering systems here; we have humans to answer phones and direct phone calls. If support is busy when you call, we will get back to you asap. We love talking to our customers.