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E-Term32 Plus is a high performance, 32-bit DEC VT340/VT320 and Tektronix 4010/14 emulation and communications program for Microsoft Windows. In addition to ReGIS and Tektronix 4010/14 graphics, E-Term32 Plus includes all features of E-Term32.

E-Term32 Plus gives your PC the ability to display legacy ReGIS and Tektronix graphics applications as well as handle your alphanumeric terminal emulation requirements.

Features of the ReGIS command language include macrographs, polygon fill, shading, character sizing, arcs, circles, shading vectors, pattern vectors, and pattern fills. In the initial release, Sixel operations are not supported.

Version 6.00-200 includes an updated install for Windows 10 and solves past hanging installs.


Features include 132 column display, graphical key mapper, powerful FTP client and other useful TCP/IP utilities, sliding windows KERMIT, XMODEM, YMODEM, and ZMODEM file transfer, custom toolbar editor, mouse mapping, DCL-like command language, DDE support, and more…

(Please refer to the E-Term32 product description for details).

ReGIS Graphics

  • Graphics Scaling – Graphs can be displayed using two different scaling modes
    • Scaled Maintaining Aspect Ratio – The graph is drawn as large as possible for the current window size while preserving a perfect aspect ratio. The entire graph is visible without scrolling.
    • Scaled Filling the Screen -The graph is scaled to fill the entire emulation window. This mode gives the graph its best fit to the emulation window. The graph will have the same aspect ratio as the emulation window. The entire graph is visible without scrolling.
  • VT340 Graphics Text -TrueType fonts are utilized to display the highest quality graphics text possible. ReGIS custom characters are also supported. Cut and Paste – Graphic images can be copied to the Windows clipboard in bitmap format. The clipboard image can be pasted into other Windows applications such as Microsoft Word and other word processors.
  • Picture Files -Any displayed graph can be saved as a picture file. This picture file can be recalled later (even if off-line) for viewing or printing. Any displayed graph can also be saved as a Windows-compatible bitmap file by using the emulator command language. Bitmap files are easily imported by word processors and other Windows applications.
  • Scroll Memory – Scroll memory is an integral part of the emulator. If you scroll back multiple pages, then return to the active emulation window, the original graphic image is maintained.
  • Color Support – True color is supported for palette-based devices capable of displaying 256 colors. For lower resolution devices color dithering simulates true colors that do not exist in the palette. To display or print in black and white, dithering provides grayscale images which result in superior visual presentation of plots and prints. Using standard ANSI color control sequences the host computer can control the color rendition of graphics and text characters, and resolution mode.
  • Printing – The graph is rebuilt using the maximum resolution of the print device, creating a high quality hardcopy with a perfect aspect ratio. Graphics colors can be inverted; a useful feature when images are pasted into documents. Rather than displaying a white image on a black background, an inverted image will display the more eye-pleasing black image on a white background. Graphs can be printed Scaled Maintaining Aspect Ratio or Scaled Filling Page.

TekTronix 4010/4014 Graphics

Full Tektronix 4010/4014 emulation is included in addition to the VT340 ReGIS graphics. All of the Tektronix operating modes are supported: Alpha mode, Graph and Point Plot mode, incremental Plot mode, and Graphics Input (GIN) mode. Additionally, Retrographics VT640 draw, undraw, and complement modes are supported.

  • Extended Color Support – Both ANSI color escape sequences and Tektronix 4105 line drawing, color escape sequences are supported. Also, foreground and background colors are user selectable.
  • Auto-Switching – 4010/14 commands in the data stream automatically switch the emulator from VT340/320 mode to Tektronix mode.
  • Font Sizes -All 4010/4014 font sizes are supported. Two enlarged font sizes are included to improve readability of graphics text.
  • Mouse Support – Mouse buttons can be programmed as keystrokes to speed up GIN mode operations.
  • Scaling Modes -In Tektronix mode, scaled filling window and scaled maintaining aspect ratio are supported. Unscaled mode is not supported.

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Single User License – Download, 5 User License – Download, Version 6.0 Upgrade – Single – Download, Version 6.0 Upgrade – 5 User – Download, Single User License – CD Rom, 5 User License – CD Rom, Version 6.0 Upgrade, Single – CD Rom, Version 6.0 Upgrade, 5 User – CD Rom


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