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E-Term Products – Vista Issues

The following list all the known Vista issues and work-arounds, if any.

Problem – Bitmap VT Font does not display line drawing and special characters.
Workaround – Select TrueType Fonts in the Terminal – Display Setup dialog.

New Release Schedule
New releases of the E-Term products occurred in late 2010. The release included new features, bug fixes, and any Vista and Windows 7 fixes or enhancements. WS-FTP has been upgraded to WS-FTP 2007. The update is provided free to all Maintenance Customers. There will be an upgrade fee for non-maintenance customers. Support for versions 2.x & 3.x of E-Term32 and E-Term for IBM version 1.x has been phased out.

XP/SP2 Notice – E-Term32 Version 1

Version 1 of E-Term32 does not function correctly when SP2 is installed. There is no fix and Version 1 is no longer supported. Please upgrade to version 5.0 to run E-Term32 on XP/SP2, Vista & Windows 7. You can download a demo of version 5.0 by going to the download page.